Looking for ideas to create Easter eggs that can wow your family and friends?

It’s time for Easter celebrations again! Looking for unique ideas to decorate your own Easter eggs? Decorating Easter eggs does not have to be difficult or messy. You can easily achieve great effects with washi tapes, washi stickers and transfer stickers!

If you have little kids at home, you can have a great bonding time making these together. In fact, kids will love the experience of decorating Easter eggs with DIY Washi Tape ideas.

Preparing Eggs
Hard boil your eggs. Choose white coloured eggs if possible.

What style?
Decide how you would like to decorate, so that you can use the suitable tapes.

Have fun trying out different tapes and stickers for effect!


If you are not familiar, washi tapes are sometimes also known as decorative tapes or Japanese paper tape. These are not to be mistaken with ordinary masking tapes, which are used for closing up carton boxes or masking off areas paint areas.

All you need for this simple Easter craft:

  • a few rolls of washi tapes or washi stickers
  • scissors (optional)
  • hard-boiled eggs (white shell preferred)

They are just so much cleaner and simpler! No fuss and no more mess with dyes or paints! All you need to be prepared for is some trial and error, some imagination and a lot fun!

PS: If you like the washi tape colours to stand out, then it would be advisable to use white eggs, instead of the more beige or pale brown shades. 

For more inspiration, see lots more of our Easter egg designs and decoration ideas below!

Our favorite themes:

10 Best styles to decorate your eggs!


Washi tape is a term is to describe decorative Japanese adhesive paper tape. It is very durable and it comes in many different colours, patterns, textures and widths. They tear easily by hand and it does not leave behind any sticky residue, which therefore makes it perfect for home décor or craft projects.

The best quality “made in Japan” tapes, like MT masking tape, are also non-toxic and food safe. Not all Washi tapes are the same, so if you intend to still eat your eggs after decorating them, do make sure they are food safe.

1. Vintage

Everybody loves William Morris motifs. One of the most revered textile designers in history, his fine and elaborate details on fabrics, wall papers, and embroideries have endeared the masses and still much loved today. You can use tapes to create the Victorian British style on your own eggs with tapes now available from MT Japan.

Tapes used:

MTWILL05 – MT X William Morris Strawberry Thief Washi Tape

– MT01D390 – mt Border Gold

2. Cute Animals

Who doesn’t like cute animals? There are so many to choose from; cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters and many many more. Once you’ve chosen your favourite animal, just stick away! Here are some of our favourite puppy and poodle Washi tapes!

Tapes used:

 – BM-LA008 – BGM Puppy WashiTape  

 – BM-LA027 BGM Poodle Washi

3. Stripes

To make the striped washi tape Easter egg, start by pulling out a length of washi tape approximately 6 inches long. Use scissors to cut the washi tape into long thirds. Place the strips around the egg at random, in whatever pattern you prefer. Continue this process until you are happy with the pattern. This is one of the simplest way to decorate Easter eggs.

Cut strips from your MT tape rolls or you could use Kitta Slim washi tape to stick them onto the paper eggs in horizontal, vertical or diagonal patterns. You can also place them randomly, overlapping the strips as you go. It’s perfectly fine for the washi tape to go over the edges of the eggs.

Tapes used:

– BM-LGWS003 BGM Small Flag Washi Tape 

– MTSLIM12 mt Slim Twist Cord C Washi Tape set of 3

– KITS006 KITTA Slim Washi Tape Tyrolean

4. Garden Inspiration

No messy dyes are needed to decorate a garden-inspired easter egg. To create the flowers petal pattern, peel off a few individual pieces of Bande washi roll stickers and paste them on the eggs. For the best effect, you could use Bande Clover Washi roll stocker to add butterflies. You can also leave the edges of the leaves slightly sticking out, instead of fully pasted onto the egg, so that there is a more 3-dimensional feel to your egg. When the butterfly is applied that way, it would seem like it is fluttering around the flowers!

5. Geometric

All you need is a few rolls of washi tapes and scissors. You can cut small triangles out of one long strip of washi tape. Your triangles can be varying shapes and sizes, most important is that you could keep the distance between the triangles as you place them on the egg.

Go slow and steady with this one, placing the triangles one by one as you assess and visualize the size or shape of triangle that you’ll need next to keep filling in your egg.

Continue cutting small triangles until your egg is complete.

Tapes used:

MT01D335 mt Triangle And Diamond Pink washi tape

– MT01D336 mt Triangle And Diamond Blue washi tape

– MT01D287 mt Triangle Blue washi tape

– MT01D288 mt Triangle Pink washi tape

6. Hand Painted

Do you love those intricately painted masterpieces of flora and fauna? You don’t need an artist’s hand to paint these arts on Easter eggs. It’s perfectly fine if you are not able to draw them on your own, since there are now Print-On Stickers that can do the job of recreating finely hand painted easter eggs for you! You could cut out the designs that you want from the sticker sheet and transfer the design by using spoon to scratch your desired pattern of the sticker sheet on the egg surface. The effects are truly magical, get ready to get inspired and enjoy them with your creativity.

– BPOP-001036 Mu Craft Print-On Sticker Cotton Flower 036

7. Water Colour

To create water colour effects without actually using water colour paints and dyes, we have used Print On Stickers from MU Craft. You can even have a layering effect that gives a realistic feel to the “painting”. You could also use the similar pattern of washi tape to add on to the designs.

Tapes used:

BM-LS004 BGM Soap Bubble Washi Tape

– BPOP-001008 MU Craft Print-on Sticker Water

8. Floral

Making your own floral Easter egg decoration on Easter Day is easier than you think. Here is a simple DIY Floral Easter egg decorating ideas which are easy and beautiful!

Spring colours blooming create the colourful and festive Easter egg arts. You could peel off a few individual pieces of Bande washi roll stickers and paste them on the eggs or you could even use Print on Stickers from MU Craft to create the floral inspiration.

– BDA206 – Bande Anemonea Washi Roll Sticker

– BDA223 – Bande Pink Rose Washi Roll Sticker

– BPOP-001069 MU Craft Print-On Sticker Flowers

9. Easter Day Theme

What’s not to love about pretty Bande Easter Day washi roll stickers? Peel off a few individual pieces of Bande washi roll stickers and paste them on the eggs. The pretty washi roll stickers add some fun!

– BDA404 – Bande Easter Series 01 Washi Roll

– BDA405 – Bande Easter Series 02 Washi Roll Sticker

10. Japan Theme

Japanese-style Suatelier Kokeshi sticker comes with a variety of patterns. You could cut your desired designs and stick it to the shells of your Easter eggs. It will create an attractive and eye-catching display. You can further enhance it with Cherry Blossom petals to complete the Spring celebration feel.

Tapes used:

BDA252 Bande Yoshino Cherry Washi Roll Sticker

– 1010 Suatelier Kokeshi Sticker

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