10 DIY Mother’s Day card ideas with Washi Tape 

A homemade card can make Mother’s Day extra special, adding your own creativity and personal touch is easy. Get started with these simple DIY card ideas!

With these 10 DIY Mother’s Day card ideas that you can easily do at home. Make a Mother’s Day card for your mom to make her happy on this special day =)

1. Love Theme

Image source: creanellos

Image source: somefiddlingonthekitchentable2

2. Colourful Theme

Image source: Kami / NoBiggie – Pinterest

3. Flowers Theme

Image source: lovemytapes

To make these roses, you can cut a circle out then cut that circle into a spiral. Then start from the outside and twisted it into your rose shape and adhere with a glue dot at the end.

4. Washi Tape Wording 

Image source: somefiddlingonthekitchentable

5. Bunting Banner Style

Image source:K Werner Design

You can cut a strip of washi tape and fold it over your twine in half, and then cut it straight. Now you just need to cut out at diagonals to make it cute and repeat.

6. Washi tape Pop-up card

Image source: denami

To make a pop up card you can draw out the outline and use a craft knife to cut along the lines. Next, press down firmly on each inner fold and when the card is opened, all boxes should be pointing inwards and standing up. Lastly, you can use washi tape to cover each box, cutting off excess at the edges if applying vertically, or tucking behind if applying horizontally.

7. Ballon Design

Image source: Mike DezinesbyEM – Youtube 8

8. Cake Design

Image source: consumercrafts

Place layers of matching washi tape starting with a base and moving upwards with shorter strips each layer so it looks like a wedding cake.

9. Simple theme

Image source: stacycohen

10. Craft punch 

You can punch it directly over the paper.

Image source: littleloveliesbyallison

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