MT introduces unique Halloween designs of washi tape every year, to make it easy to get your home and trick-or-treaters ready for Halloween. Here are some simple ideas to help you get started.

1. Tableware

No doubt, lurking somewhere in your cabinets are several serving dishes which you use only once each year, along with other casual ones that have lost their original appeal. It is easy to have holiday specific serving dishes and other table settings without resorting to buying paper dishes.

Use MT masking tape to create borders on your serving dishes and to decorate serving pitchers and drinking glasses.

2. Custom hors d’oeuvres picks

MT masking tape makes it easy to create fun custom hors d’oeuvres picks. Simply wrap a small piece at the end of the pick. This small touch makes the dish far more appealing.

3. Pumpkin Centrepieces

Use the tools from the toolbox to format it according to your preferences.

You can also use the masking tape to add a bit more of a Halloween feel to centrepieces. Consider applying the tape to small pumpkins or gourds. You can also safely wrap the base of tea candles (or any other candle which is in a container to make it a bit more festive).

4. Goody Bags

If you are giving your guests or trick-or-treaters a homemade treat or small non-food items to take home, Halloween masking tape turns boring Ziploc bags into fun treat goody bags. Use your imagination to lay out Halloween borders or even cover the entire bag.

5. Room Decorations

MT masking tape makes it easy to decorate rooms for Halloween parties. One idea is to make a custom photo wall. Use MT masking to tape to create a Halloween background or virtual frame for the picture. (Haunted house silhouettes work especially well.) Include the date just outside of the image and you have a perfect shot for Instagram or other social media sites.

You can also safely and easily decorate other walls, your front door and even your cabinets with Halloween images and messages. Once the party and Halloween are over, you can easily get your home back to the way it was.
6. Hanging Mobiles
You could also consider making your own Halloween mobiles and wall decorations by cutting out templates and covering with MT masking tape.

7. Trick-or-Treat Bags

When it comes to the bags the kids take for trick or treating, there are a couple of musts. It must be sturdy and ideally waterproof. It also has to be roomy to in order to hold the large haul of sweets and treats that the kids are hoping to bring home. It does not need to be expensive and it needs to be disposable. Fortunately, you probably already have a couple of perfect trick or treat bags already; the bags you use for everyday shopping. They meet all of the criteria in terms of musts, but aren’t that much fun in the way that they look.

MT masking tape comes in handy for covering the entire bag or in a fun Halloween pattern. If your children are old enough they will enjoy covering their own bags. When the night is over, the customisation is easy to remove and your bag is once again ready for shopping.

8. Disposable Drinking Cups and Straws

It’s not easy to find interesting looking disposable cups and drinking straws with Halloween themes, and to be sure you have enough of them too! So it’s always great to have some washi tape to the rescue, and make some spooky cups and straws whenever you need them at the party!

9. Tea light and candle decorations

With MT Halloween washi tapes, you could easily tape up plain and cheap tealights so that they are all ready for your monster parade! With different colour themes of purple, orange, and black, there’s more than enough! There are also witches, pumpkins (fierce or friendly looking), skeletons, ghosts and even vintage poster style Halloween images too.

10. Upcycling Used bottles and mugs into Cool and Unique Décor

Let your imagination run wild as you convert your “trash” into fun and unique pieces of decoration for your party. You can let your young children to join in and have some great bonding while making these DIY decorations at home. Washi tape is easily handled by children, and you could spend an afternoon with a low cost, but highly entertaining and hands-on crafting fun.


As the popularity of Halloween continues to grow, so does the number of creative ideas people have for decorating and celebrating the day. Pinterest and other social media sites have hundreds of ideas which often include plans and instructions. The MT masking tape site offers templates for various items including masks and costumes, as well as links to creative ideas found on social media.

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