Washi Crafting Ideas for Adults

If you love to craft, then a must for you to experiment with is crafting with washi tape. Washi tape originates from Japan and is similar to masking tape. It can be used for decorative purposes and comes in all different colours and patterns. It can be torn and repositioned and therefore when it comes to crafting, there are lots of opportunities for you to get busy with. We will provide you with a variety of different craft ideas that you can enjoy getting your teeth into!

1. Washi Tape Birthday Cards

birthday card

All you need for this craft is a piece of card and then let your imagination take over. Use your washi tape to create different designs and images to create a birthday card to suit the receiver. It’s not just birthday cards that you could look to make, you could look at making Easter, Christmas and anniversary cards too.


2. Washi Tape Nail Art

The opportunities are endless if you use washi tape for nail art. Try dotty, striped, Ombre or sprinkles. Here’s how to do it: – Begin by shaping your nails with a file and cover your nails using a base coat. – Cut a small piece of washi tape to fit around the base of your nail. – Apply the washi tape to your nail and smooth our any bumps with your fingertips. – Using a pair of scissors, cut the washi tape around the tip of your nail. – If you have any rough edges, use a nail file to smoothen them. – Apply one or two layers of top coat to your nails. Go over the edges of the tape to ensure that the washi tape doesn’t come off when you wash your hands. – If you’ve decided to only do a few nails with washi tape, then apply nail varnish to the remaining nails and finish off with a layer of top coat.  


3. Washi Tape Gift Tags

gift tag

If you want to get creative then have a go at making your own washi tape gift tags. Try experimenting with different designs to suit different occasions.  


4. Washi Tape Bookmarks


If you love to read or now someone who loves to read then have a go at making your own bookmarks.


5. Washi Tape Flower Pots

flower pot

If you’ve got a house full of clay flower pots then considering adding a nice border around them using washi tape. Alternatively paint your flower pots a different colour and cut out different shapes and stick them on to decorate boring old flower pots.


6. Washi Tape Tea Lights

washi tape tea light

Let’s face it tea lights are pretty dull to look at, jazz them up using some washi tape to make them look more interesting and match your décor.   


7. Washi Tape Wedding Gift

washi tape wedding gift

If you’re looking for a unique present perhaps a wedding gift then why not create a set of some simple but effective washi tape decorations.   


8. Washi Tape Gift Box

washi tape gift box

If you want to present a special gift, say an item of jewellery on a unique gift box then consider decorating a gift box with washi tape. A good idea would be to get a small cardboard gift box and washi tapes of your choice and use the washi tape to decorate the lid of the box.


9. Washi Tape Clock

washi tape diy block

How about making a very personalised washi tape clock? Here how to do it: – Get hold of a simple clock. – Begin by covering the face of the clock with the washi tape of choice. – Trim the edges with a craft knife. Just be careful when it comes to the fact of the clock as you don’t want to scratch it. It’s as simple as that!

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