What is Washi Tape and How it Can be Used when Crafting with Kids?

So, you may have heard of washi tape or you may want to know what is washi tape and how can it be used. To explain simply, washi tape is a term is to describe decorative Japanese adhesive paper tape and it seems to be all the rage at the moment. Look towards Pinterest and you will see how crafters are using this tape in so many different and clever ways. It has even been used by mural artists to decorate entire buildings, both interior and exterior walls! Washi tape is like masking tape but it’s very durable and it comes in many different colours, patterns, textures and widths. It is very versatile, easy to find and it’s also inexpensive. Washi tape are sold just about anywhere these days; from your local art supply stores to Etsy shops, and even fashion boutiques and convenience stores. What’s also great is that washi tape tears easily by hand and it doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue, which therefore makes it perfect for home décor or craft projects. Unlike masking tapes, they can be removed and re-used easily, while keeping the original surface in perfect conditions. The best quality “made in Japan” tapes, like MT masking tape, are also non-toxic and food safe. For these reasons, washi tape is also a great way of crafting with your children. So, once you have a nice collection of colours and patterns of washi tape, you can begin some crafts with your children. We will provide you with 8 ideas of how you can use your washi tape to get crafting with your kids.

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